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Acro Tricks

Warm up




Center Floor

back bends- rock to come up

ball roll to stretch out back

Back bend- tendus arms and legs extend up

ball roll

Hand stand




What Happens When You Want Someone You Can’t Have

Thought Catalog

The Time Spent With The One You Want Is Terrible (Even If It’s Amazing)

A highly sought after, far too rare opportunity to spend time with the one you want comes – so you can’t pass it up. Well technically you could, but you won’t. You hang out so infrequently, that you’re used to impromptu invites and making spontaneous trips to talk or hang with her/him. There’s an unfortunate set of circumstances that make it virtually impossible to have concrete, calendar-marked plans with this person, so you’ve got to take what you can get. When you’re starving for their time and attention, this is an opportunity for sustenance. The scraps and crumbs of their busy schedule will serve as nourishment. Very little, but that’s better than nothing… right?

The issue that arises from this scenario depends upon how enjoyable the brief time together was. If it went terribly wrong…

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