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How now Brown cow

Sometimes I have a hard time deciding if a thought is worthy of a blog post or the lower level- a twitter post.. I like to think in short sentences.

In general I like recording my thoughts.


Now instead of talking to me….


Now talking to me is optional…


Now knowing Ellen’s opinions is optional

I won’t talk anymore everyone can just read my tweets and ect.

If you don’t want to know what I am thinking then you don’t have to read them.

I can express every single thing that I’m thinking!


This is nice.


Or is it?





This post is dedicated to Jen:


Jen, you are my roommate, but sometimes you don’t understand the words that I say.

At least I say them.

I am misunderstood



This is a rap I wrote for you:


house hunters!

you hunt those houses foo’

I love when you do that.

You have

the best



Good Bye.


Does anyone want to talk about what I

  • want
  • to
  • talk
  • about?

I think I am talking to myself, will this feel differently than talking to real people?